A fly fishing club for lawyers and their guests.


Lawyers who fish with the fly know the mental relaxation which the sport brings. However, access to water, especially streams and rivers, can be difficult. The Lawyers' Fishing Club ("LFC") aims to overcome the twin difficulties of access and local knowledge. The Club offers opportunities to pursue the sport on one's own and also at Club events - in company with fellow escapees.


The Club's constitution is designed to encourage the growth in membership necessary to finance access to fine water. It aims to attract not only lawyers in active practice, but also retired members of the profession, trainees, students, pupils, paralegals, legal clerks and executives. There is, at present, no joining fee and the annual subscription is extremely reasonable at only £27 for those who are not students, trainees or pupils and £10 for those who are. A copy of the constitution can be obtained from the Secretary.


The Club is managed by a Committee which meets on a regular basis except August. As well as selecting and managing the Club's rods, its major task is the arrangement of a number of events for members to meet. The most popular are undoubtedly the Club Days at the start and end of the season. In addition, the major marketing effort of the Club each year is the organisation of a Beginners' Day at the beginning of April each year, at which as many as 40 complete novices have been introduced to the noble art.


Activities also include exchanges of information on fly tying and tackle, negotiations with owners of fishing rights, organising events such as still water competitions with other professions or meetings non-members who wish to take up game fishing and offering support to local representatives or bodies, such as the EA and the ACA, engaged in protecting the environment and the quality of fish stocks and of fishing.


Enquiries about membership and attending events should be addressed to lawyersfishingclub@gmail.com